Defense Center


Defense Center is a malicious program that is installed to computer systems through the use of fake scanners. It pretends to be an anti-malware product but actually only seeks to receive money without providing any useful service. Defense Center uses fake warning messages to scare you into thinking your system is badly infected and purchase Defense Center as a tool to fix your problems.

As soon as Defense Center it disables your Windows Task Manager. Then you start seeing fake security alerts which warn about system infections, etc. Once you click on them, Defense Center will be downloaded and installed. At the same time, the program will attempt to uninstall your legitimate antivirus programs, for example, F-Secure, Malwarebytes or any other that is run on your system.

Then Defense Center runs its own scanner and pretends to perform the functions of security tool. After displaying its scan results, Defense Center tells to pay for its license in order the program could remove the infections. By the way, Defense Center doesn’t detect real infections, instead it displays random program files, or files that don’t exist at all.

Please remove Defense Center as soon as you notice it on your computer and do not pay for it under any circumstances. If you have already done that , immediately contact your credit and company and dispute the charges.

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