Desktop Protector 2010


Desktop Protector 2010, also known as DesktopProtector 2010 is a program that infects a computer during some file downloads, fake scanners that you can use online and sometimes by spam email attachments. Once Desktop Protector 2010 has gained access to your computer, it is able to install itself onto your system and modify system parameters. Next, the program uses its fake scanner every time you boot up your PC and tries to trick you by showing fake security alerts and fake infections.This makes you to believe that your computer is badly infected. You will probably receive tons of popup alerts telling about detection of trojans or other parasites. After that you will be advised to remove all of the infections with a help of a full version of Desktop Protector 2010, which actually doesn’t even exist. If you decide to buy that software, it will not only cause more damage to your computer but you will also lose your money.

If you think that Desktop Protector 2010 is already running on your computer, don’t delay. Get rid of Desktop Protector 2010 immediatelly and with a reputable anti-spyware.

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