Disk Antivirus Professional reminds us about WinWebSec family


Disk Antivirus Professional is a rogue application, which was firstly noticed in the end of January. Keep in mind that this program is completely fake and seeks only to mislead you and use your desire to keep computer safe from viruses. For that, it firstly reports about numerous cyber threats detected. Saying the truth, it’s almost impossible to browse the web without being interrupted by Disk Antivirus Professional’s alerts that report about various threats and infections. After doing that, malware offers to purchase its license and remove those viruses. However, before you pay your money, you must realize that this program seeks only to scam you. Be aware that Disk Antivirus Professional has many similar versions, that use the same looks and act identically. You must remove such rogues immediately after detection.

Disk Antivirus Professional can attack the system through security vulnerabilities. They appear when users fail to update their security software. As soon as it is done, malware drops its own files and modifies the system so that it could become active as soon as possible. Once it is done, Disk Antivirus Professional tends to run its fake scans and displays various alerts that report about dangerous viruses detected. If you see the alert, saying: ‘Warning: Your computer is infectedDetected spyware infection!’, you should run your anti-malware and remove Disk Antivirus Professional from the system.

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