Disk Helper


Disk Helper is a fake system defragmenter that infects computers in order to get some money from their users. Disk Helper spreads secretly by employing Trojan viruses. Once it gets to the operating System, it starts dominating there so you will see Disk Helper launched after each system reboot.

At first, the program imitates performing system scan. Then it claims that your computer has some hard drive issues. In order to repair all errors, the program offers purchasing a full version of Disk Helper and promises that it will solve all your issues. Unfortunately, that’s a trick which is used to in order to get your money. Actually such program as Disk Helper doesn’t even exist. All this is stuff is created because computer hackers want to get your money.

Moreover, the program is created to that it would constantly display various security notifications and pop ups. These messages are also meant to scare computer users and make them purchase Disk Helper.

Do no trust this fake application and remove Disk Helper from your system as soon as you detect it on your machine.

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