Disk OK


Disk OK is a rogue antispyware program that spreads to computers through Trojans in order to trick computer users and make them purchase a fake program. Disk OK blocks most of the computer programs and instead launches its own executive or displays a security message stating that your system has hard drive problem or Windows cannot find the program you are looking for. Here’s how the verthwesslot.net messages read:

Moreover, the program causes tons of fake alerts that appear from the Windows taskbar. These messages usually state that your system contains some critical error because of missing hard drive or RAM memory failure. These alerts can be safely ignored as they don’t reflect the real situation of your computer.

Additionally, when Disk OK infiltrates into the system it reports about a bunch of programs that were supposedly detected on the system. In order to remove them the program offers purchasing a full version of a program that promises fixing every single problem.

You should get rid of Disk OK as soon as you detect its activity on your computer. Check the removal instructions of Disk OK and get rid of this badware as soon as possible.

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