Disk Optimizer


Disk Optimizer is a fake system defragmenter that pretends being computer optimization program. Stay away from this malicious application and never agree to purchase it no matter what it would promise. First of all you have to realize that it’s a program that is not able to perform any action at all. Disk Optimizer only imitates all actions of system optimization tool.

At first the program pretends running system scan and after it finishes, claims to detect a bunch of different system errors that are related to your hard drive. Have in mind that Disk Optimizer reports about nonexistent errors just to convince you into purchasing its so called full version and get your money. After you purchase it, you will keep receiving the same security notifications and fake scanners running on your computer and you will lose your money.

You are strongly advised to remove Disk Optimizer from your computer if you find it affecting your system. If it happened to you to pay for it immediately contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.

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