DNS Changer Malware and its removal


DNS Changer Malware is a trojan that redirects users to malicious websites. Besides, it also allows hackers to connect to the infected computer so that they could track the victim, collect various information about him/her and even download more malware on the computer. As you can see, once you are infected with DNS Changer Malware you can hardly use your computer for browsing and may find more serious problems on it. Note that though it was announced that FBI stopped this malware in November, 2011, there may be similar DNS Changer Malware versions spreading around.

Just like any other trojan, this can also be downloaded together with fake video codecs or infected updates. As soon as it gets there, it starts initiating various changes on the system that results in problems what browsing the web. I highly recommend you to scan your computer for DNS Changer Malware because if you are secretly infected with this malware, soon you can lose your Internet connection. That’s because of the simple reason – after shutting more than 100 servers down, FBI has been connecting users to its temporal servers that were closed down some days ago.

As you can see, you must remove this malware as soon as you can. If you are not sure how can you do that, read the following DNS Changer Malware removal guide on my other project 2spyware.

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