Do NOT believe PC Defender Plus Firewall Alert!


I would like to warn your about PC Defender Plus Firewall Alert, which has already tricked some of my friends. This message looks like legitimate notification from anti-virus program and tries to mislead you about virus attack found on your computer. However, in reality this scamware has nothing to do with viruses and seeks only to get you out of your money. If you get PC Defender Plus Firewall Alert on your PC, this is a serious sign that you are infected and that you need to use your anti-malware program. I highly recommend that.

You can start receiving the alert from PC Defender Plus Firewall once you get infected with trojan, which is responsible for downloading malware’s files on your computer. As soon as it gets on it, it modifies the system and makes your virus active once you reboot your PC. As a result, user starts seeking a misleading PC Defender Plus Firewall Alert and gets scared by its viruses ‘detected’. Yes, PC Defender Plus Firewall Alert looks like a real system’s notification because it declares that computer is infected with numerous threats and lists such ‘viruses’ as iexplorer.exe or similar. All wise PC users should know that iexplorer.exe is legitimate process that should never be eliminated from computer. If you are still worried about your machine, check it with legitimate anti-spyware. Soon you will see that PC Defender Plus Firewall Alert is the one that should be eliminated.

If you have some doubts, run a full system scan with automated anti-malware programs, such as Spyhunter or Spyware Doctor. In addition, read more about the removal of PC Defender Plus Firewall Alert and fix your PC for good.

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