Do NOT mix virus with

by virus is a nasty browser hijacker that gets inside the system undetected. Once it does that, it alters DNS settings and starts trying to make you visit this domain against your will. Sometimes you may even find out that this website has become your homepage or start page. While it may seem that got on, not, you should pay your attention only to few details that will let you know that you are on a different site – has an empty area in those places where ‘Home’, ‘Yahoo!’, ‘Yahoo! Sites’ and similar buttons should be. In fact, it has almost tricked some of my friends! According to them, people who are infected with virus are redirected to this domain every time they try to use their browser. That’s because this browser hijacker affects all browser it finds on victim’s computer.

I could say that virus affects those users who tend to surf the Internet without thinking about sites’ security. Besides, you can download this threat together with freeware and shareware. Once this infection gets inside the system, it starts working as  have already described – it affects all browsers it finds installed on victim’s PC, sets as the homepage, replaces legitimate search sites to phony ones. Remember one thing – if you see in your searches or find your homepage replaced by this domain, you have to run a full system scan with reputable anti-spyware. You must remove virus without any delay.

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