Do you know ‘Ads not by this site’ virus?


‘Ads not by this site’ virus has been annoying me for a while by displaying various ads injected into random pages, like in Youtube, Wikipedia or Facebook. If you are also familiar with this problem, don’t blame Wikipedia or Facebook for that because they don’t serve these ads. ‘Ads not by this site’ virus is closely related to adware caused by a browser extension Vid-Saver.

You can get ‘Ads not by this site’ virus after downloading freeware from the Internet. Movies, Mp3 or torrents can give you this virus, hiding under CodecC 1.0 or Adobe Flash Player 11 names. ‘Ads not by this site’ virus attacks not only Windows systems, but can easily get inside the Mac OS as well. As soon as you get infected, you are annoyed by its commercial advertisements that haven’t been proved to be legitimate. However, most these advertisements are connected to user’s shopping habits or browsing history.

The first way how you can remove ‘Ads not by this site’ virus is to access your browser’s extensions and disable all misleadingly-looking ones. Typically, ‘Ads not by this site’ virus shows the ads from its associated sites that seek to get the information about users’ shopping habits and other personal information that can be sold for the third-parties.

If you have also been infected with ‘Ads not by this site’ virus, follow these steps:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ and clear all the cookies and cache.
  2. Find the Vid-Saver extension and uninstall it.
  3. Close all the windows of the browser.
  4. Download SpyHunter and update it.
  5. Launch the program and remove what it reports
  6. Restart your browser and check those websites that were filled with annoying adds.

Here is more about ‘Ads not by this site’ virus removal:

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