Doctor Antivirus 2008


Doctor Antivirus 2008 is a scam; don’t spend your money for this non-functional application. DoctorAntivirus 2008 is not different from other rogue security tools. If fact, it is almost identical to some of them: Ultimate Antivirus and System Antivirus are just a few to mention. The only thing that makes these three rogues different is the name.

Doctor Antivirus 2008 is installed by trojans. Infected computers should be scanned with anti-spyware in order to remove DoctorAntivirus2008 and the trojans. Doctor Antivirus 2008 can also be deleted manually. If you decide remove Doctor Antivirus 2008 on your own, feel free to use DoctorAntivirus 2008 removal guide.

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