Don’t fall for Micorsoft Essential Security Pro 2013! It’s NOT legitimate!


Micorsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 is a new fake antivirus product, which should be avoided no matter how good it looks. It seems that scammers seek to make their victims think that they have a deal with a perfectly legitimate Microsoft Security Essentials. However, this program is a scareware, which is based on malicious [random characters].exe process. In reality, this fraudulent tool is capable to show only fake alerts and notifications that report about invented viruses and cyber threats. Classically, this is done for the only reason – to make users purchase Micorsoft Essential Security Pro 2013‘s license. I highly recommend not doing that because there is no ‘licensed’, ‘full’ or other version of this program. You must remove this threat from your computer as soon as you start receiving its alerts.

Users fail to spot the infiltration of Micorsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 because it comes together with infected downloads, such as freeware, shareware, spam emails and other ways. As soon as it gets inside, it immediately alters computer’s settings and starts booting up once user reboot his machine. Besides, this rogue will create new items on the system so that it could additionally find them as viruses. So, Micorsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 starts its dirty campaign and scares its victims into believing that they are dangerously infected.

I highly recommend staying away from this rogue anti-spyware because it is a useless program that spreads misleading information. If you need a guide how you can remove this program from your computer, follow Micorsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 removal guide on 2spyware.

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