Dream Media Player


Don’t dream that after installing The Dream Media Player you will be able to watch high quality videos. In truth, Dream Media Player is a scam which uses this misleading information to push you into paying for the installment of a program which does not do any good. Distributed at malicious porn websites, this fake video player will declare for you that installing this program is needed to have the ability to watch the video files you want. However, after the agreement you will not be able to access the video you wanted to watch and what is more, adware Zango gets in your PC right after The Dream Media Player is downloaded.
Additionally, Dream Media Player generates fake pop ups which appear on your desktop when you want to watch something and states that now you have to purchase this scam. Don’t do that because Dream Media Player can cause serious PC system problems. You should remove this media player immediately after you are asked to download Dream Media Player.

2 Responses to “Dream Media Player”

  1. the best video player that i use is none other than VLC Player, it is free and i think it is open source too:,:

  2. Yong Raner says:

    thank you for sharing your genius with us.