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I’m Lithuanian…From the e-commerce point of view I live in a desert.. I hate to see that, but thats the way it is. Here are some ecommerce stats of the last year in our projects..

country / target reach
United States / 45.89%
United Kingdom / 51.45%
Canada / 48.27%
Australia / 49.36%
Germany / 33.88%
Netherlands / 52.60%
Singapore / 45.88%
Sweden / 52.71%
France / 46.74%
Norway / 47.17%
Hong Kong / 47.36%
……. Where is Lithuania?
Lithuania / 14.13%
……. to whom we can compare?
Bangladesh 8.70%
Nepal  14.29%
Georgia 16.67%
……. Is it the same with our neighbours?
Poland / 37.73%
Estonia / 27.27%
Latvia / 31.58%
Russian Federation / 31.37%

everyone can do its own conclusion… Lithuania has a long way ahead….

Other criteria:
referrer / target reach
google[cpc] / 57.31%
yahoo[organic] / 41.55%
google[organic] / 27.55%
msn[organic] / 45.20%
altavista[organic] / 48.64%
overture.com[referral] / 50.00%

Interesting, from the search engines lowest conversion shows Google, except adwords campaign of course…

One Response to “e-commerce stats”

  1. m.z. says:

    Well… I live in Lithuania since a few months and I noticed that things are moving terribly slowly on web here. There’s big “inertia” when you try to make some changes, to launch new ideas. Lithuanians are hard to move from their habits, young people are more receptive but they are not target of business in a lot of cases. But most of all Lithuanians are VERY diffident. I guess everyone should pretend to be from Germany, it’s the only country they really trust πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Why Maxima doesn’t start “shopping online”?
    Everywhere I lived there was always someone who allowed you to buy food and stuff online bringing it at home even for free if you spend more than a certain amount.
    People would be 100% sure to receive home the worst food Maxima keeps in it’s warehouses.
    And the same would be with hi-tech stuff and wathever else.
    Lithuanians want to check every single detail before buying and online it is not possible.
    I guess that’s because quality of shops but especially of people working in shops is terrible.
    “Tikrai sviezia” you read everywhere and when you see what they are selling you can just run away.
    If people trust you people buy from you.
    Obviously this is just my humble opinion.

    Anyway.. nice blog πŸ™‚