E-SET Antivirus 2011


E-SET Antivirus 2011 is a rogue antispyware program that spreads at malicious websites and sometimes uses Trojan virus to infect random computer systems. So after visiting some malicious Internet site or after being infected with a Trojan virus, you get E-SET Antivirus 2011 installed into your system. The entire process of infiltration is very easy as the program doesn’t require users’ permission or authorization to be installed.

E-SET Antivirus 2011 changes some of the parameters in Windows Registry so that it could easily perform all its actions. One of the main means that the program uses in order to frighten computer users in displaying tons of pop up ads and security notifications. Because of that, most of computer users start thinking that their systems have really been infected and they start believing E-SET Antivirus 2011 is a tool that will really take care of their computers.

The program also runs system scanner and imitates looking for infections. When the scan is done, E-SET Antivirus 2011 asks to pay for its license in order to activate the program. It states that only a licensed version of E-SET Antivirus 2011 is able to remove infections.

Do not trust this malicious application and remove E-SET Antivirus 2011 as soon as one you detect it inside your system.

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