Earth Antivirus


Earth Antivirus is a fake security tool that pretends to be a helpful program removing malicious threats. In fact it’s a typical rogue antivirus program that infects computer systems in order to rip computer users off.

Earth Antivirus is distributed through Trojan viruses and once installed it’s configured to start automatically when computer is started. It loads a scanner and pretends to look for infections. The program reports about number of malicious threats and later recommends purchasing a full version of Earth Antivirus in order to remove them.

What is more, Earth Antivirus causes tons of fake pop up ads warning about spyware infections and redirecting to the website where you Credit to for the effort he put into Under the Mistletoe. can purchase Earth Antivirus. Besides, you may experience some more redirections as well while browsing the Internet. All these tricks are used just for one reason – to make you pay for a fake program and earn money from you.

If you have already paid for this malicious program, immediately contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. Then get rid of Earth Antivirus with a reputable antispyware program.

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