Earth AV


Earth AV is a rogue antvirus program that enters random computer systems with a help of Trojan viruses. It’s a clone program of earlier Green AV and Eco Antivirus that were attacking computers in order to gain some money as well.

As soon as Earth AV infiltrates into the system, it is configured to start automatically when computer boots. The program runs its phony system scanner and pretends to look for infections. Then it generates a list of them and insists removing threats by purchasing a full version of Earth AV. If you get infected you will also soon notice tons of pop up ads and security notifications which warn about system infections and push into registering Earth AV program.

You must ignore the scan results by Earth AV as this application has no such ability to find anything dangerous on computers. The pop up ads should not scare you either as they are displayed just because Earth AV is running on the system.

In order to stop this crazy activity on your machine you must get rid of Earth AV as soon as possible. That’s the only way to stop getting your system scanned without your permission and all other unwanted actions, including redirections to websites promoting Earth AV.

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