Eco Antivirus 2010


Eco AntiVirus 2010 or Eco Antivirus is a rogue anti-spyware which can be easily called a clone of other “famous” rogue Green AV. This malicious program is distributed by fake online scanners that after a full system scan usually detect hundreds of security problems. For fixing everything trustfully looking pop up ads convince people to download the trialware of Eco Antivirus and that’s the mess which you shouldn’t fall into.

Just after being downloaded to the machine, EcoAntivirus 2010 will start automatically and will repeat fake system scan agian and again. Hundreds of infections will be detected one more time trying to make you scared. By reporting all these fabricated results, Eco AntiVirus 2010 seeks only to push people into buying its license key, so don’t take serious any parasite reported by this rogue. All these trojans and worms are imagined trying to scare you and, even more, some programs detected by Eco AntiVirus 2010 in reality are even valid Windows files. To sum up, Eco AntiVirus 2010 is the only program which must be removed from the infected machine so don’t waste your time and get rid of it. If it happened for you to purchase Eco AntiVirus 2010, contact your credit card company immediately to dispute the charges. Use the removal guide listed bellow and delete Eco AntiVirus 2010 for free.


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