Editing movie and adding effects right on the Iphone


This year is the year of changes everywhere. Search engines change the rules of the rankings. Whole internet becomes more personal and more social. I never used such great sites as Twitter, Tumblr, I was skeptical even about Facebook. I though, why I heed this, why should I add information about my private life.. All this have changed.. Now I try to look what is best for my Businesses, how to make them more social and how to use all these new technologies for the modeling business where everybody are so conservative.

Some agencies started to show all the material about the model a bit differently than it is used in modeling business. Usually agencies shoot polaroids for models, manufacture books, prints composite cards. Now – its seems there is a better way for all that. We started to shoot posing videos for models, models Books go to Ipads, we still do Composite Cards for models, but I think this is also come to the end.

Video processing is a hard job. It takes time, you need some special knowledge. you need special tools, and you need to be very creative.. I though that it will be impossible to teach my employees to shoot and to process perfect videos.. But this changed too. We have hound the tools which are so easy that can be used directly from the phone.. You shoot video, you edit that video instantly on the phone, add some special effects, transitions, texts and you have special video, which is perfect to present models from the agency. I am really happy with that.

Thank you Apple for the great phone and the perfect software. Imovie is the Best.

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