ErrorSmart is dangerous computer parasite. It may look like typical rogue anti-spyware program at the first sight, but it may do more harm than average malware does. Error Smart is capable of blocking legitimate security tool including firewalls. This leaves computer unprotected and gives a way for ErrorSmart to download additional malwares.

ErrorSmart offers computer protection for a certain price (usually $40 or more). Don’t step into this trap! Error Smart is a computer parasite and it should be deleted immediately after it appears on a machine. Remove ErrorSmart without hesitation.

One Response to “ErrorSmart”

  1. Roger says:

    This is nothing dangerous about ErrorSmart. And it is a registry cleaner and not an antispyware program. The claims about it downloading malware are simply not true.

    In fact is is one of only a very few registry cleans which gives virtually zero false posatives. However of course there us usually not much to be gained from cleaning the registry.