Essential Cleaner


Essential Cleaner is a rogue antispyware program that is able to enter computer system without any notification to its user. Usually, Essential Cleaner is installed together with a Trojan virus which often pretends to be a program necessary to be downloaded in order to watch online videos, etc.

Once the program enters the system, it starts acting right after computer is restarted. At first Essential Cleaner uses its scanner which in fact only pretends to look for infections. Later the program generates a list of infections and recommends removing them but purchasing a full version of Essential Cleaner. Please do not purchase this application under any circumstances.

Essential Cleaner also causes tons of pop up messages and security alerts displayed on your desktop. These messages state that your system is infected with a Trojan virus. In order to fix protection problems you are offered to purchase a full version of Essential Cleaner as well.

You must get rid of Essential Cleaner as soon as you notice such signs on your system. use a reputable antispyware program and run a full system scan to remove this badware automatically or delete Essential Cleaner manually with a reputable removal instructions provided by security experts.

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