Extra Antivir 2.0


ExtraAntivir2.0 is rogue spyware remover tool that requires payment for program that has no valuable functions. Faked application loads fake pop-ups with misleading information about infections, an of course it claims that removal process will be available only after payment. DON’T PAY for it unless you like program that slowdown your computer and loads tons of pop-ups. Working in similar way as many parasites Extra Antivir 2.0 uses falsified reports about infections to push users into money waste. After installation program configures itself to run automatically every time when you start your computer and every time it starts it initiates system scan. Every time when program finishes, it displays a list of infections which is absolutely useless, most of infections are imaginary. Extra Antivir 2.0 is a dangerous program that will bring only harm to your computer, remember removal of it would be the best solution for you.

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