Extreme Security 2010


Extreme Security 2010 is a fake application that can infect any computer system through system vulnerabilities and similar ways. The activity of this scam application is based upon fake system scanner and fabricated security alerts. The program definitely has one main goal – to convince you into purchasing a full version of Extreme Security 2010.

When the program enters your system, it disables Windows Task Manager and blocks many of your legitimate programs. You will definitely notice that your Internet will slow down as well. It is very likely to receive some redirections to the websites that you didn’t request for.

No matter what Extreme Security 2010 states, your system might be completely clear of viruses. The only infection that is inside for sure is Extreme Security 2010 itself. To get rid of Extreme Security 2010, download a reputable antispyware program. Then run a full system scan. Do not leave Extreme Security 2010 to lay in your computer.

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