Facebook Antivirus


Facebook Antivirus is a fake security tool actively promoted on Facebook at the moment. It is not a virus but once you click on something related to Facebook Antivirus your Facebook account will be infected. The application is only active while you are logged in on Facebook. If you haven’t downloaded anything related to Facebook Antivirus, your computer is probably clean. Otherwise you need to download a legitimate anti-spyware program and get rid of Facebook Antivirus as soon as possible.

The application strongly reminds of Panda Cloud Antivirus because of the graphical user interface. This rogue is installed by promoting Facebook application called Antivirus in Facebook. If you click on this application, your photos will be tagged with 20 of your friends and then it will be published on your wall. Consequently, your friends will be notified about it. If you have been tagged by thus rogue, you can always remove the tag. Just open the tagged photo, find your name in a list of tagged people and click on “Remove Tag”.

Download a legitimate anti-spyware program to get rid of Facebook Antivirus and scan your computer for other infections if you were scammed by Facebook Antivirus.

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