Fake BitDefender 2011


BitDefender 2011 is a rogue antispyware program that was designed by computer hackers using a name of a legitimate antivirus program. Do not confuse legitimate BitDefender with this rogue antispyware program.

BitDefender 2011 is promoted on various websites and often uses fake scanners online which tell that your system is badly infected with numerous of threats. Later on you are offered to download a so called full version of BitDefender 2011 in order to remove detected infections. Unfortunately Bit Defender 2011 uses this tactics just to get your money but you don’t get any kind of help for that.

Once Bit Defender is installed into your system it is also configured to be started with each system reboot. It will run a fake scanner and once again warn about detecting tons of infections on your system. Besides, when you try to run some of your legitimate program, BitDefender 2011 will terminate them. Moreover, Bit Defender 2011 also causes tons of security alerts and pop up ads which warn that your system is at risk.

You should ignore these warnings and scan results by BitDefender 2011 as they far away from the truth. Security experts recommend getting rid of Bit Defender 2011 with a legitimate antispyware program.

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