Fake Security/Antimalware/Antispyware/Guard for XP, Vista and Win 7


Computer hackers have created another rogue antispyware program using different names when infiltrating computer systems. The name of the program starts with XP, Vista or Win 7 depending what Windows Operating System computer is using. The end of the name can be Antispyware, Antimalware, Security, Internet Security or Guard. Some of them may also contain a number 2011 at the end. So basically the rogue can be called XP Antimalware 2011, Vista Guard, Win 7 Internet Security 2011, etc.

The program enters computers completely secretly with a help of Trojan viruses. Once inside, it modifies some system parameters in order to gain power in the system. This means that the program will be started after each computer restart. It will imitate scanning computer for infections and report about tons of threats supposedly detected on your machine. In order to remove them, the program recommends purchasing its license and activating it for its full performance. Additionally, the program adds tons of fake security notifications and pop up ads stating that you system is in danger.

You are strongly recommended to remove Win 7 Antimalware, XP Security 2011, Vista Antispyware 2011 or by any other name hiding rogue program as soon as you notice its existence on your system.

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