Fake Windows Activation Screen


Beware of fake Windows Activation screen that appears on more and more computers. Many computer users have recently received a notification asking to reactivate their Windows. In fact it’s a fake notification which attempts to receive the details of your credit card and steal your money then.

It looks like this infections comes to computer from nowhere, but actually it uses Trojan virus for the infiltration. That’s why it’s impossible to detect it on the stage of installation. The notification tells you to reactivate your Windows and help reduce software piracy because your copy of Windows has been activated by another user. This pop up notification looks exactly like the one by Microsoft, so you can easily get confused.

Even if you choose not to reactivate your Windows you will not get rid of a problem. Your computer will be shut down and once you restart it, the same story will be repeated again.

If you do what the message says and try to reactivate your Windows, you will be asked to enter your private data including your credit card details. Then, no doubts your card will be charged and you will lose some of your money.

You are strongly advised to remove this fake Windows Activation infection as soon as you receive it on your system.

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