Fake Internet Security Suite


Computer hackers have stolen a name of Internet Security Suite and created a rogue program named by it. It’s a fake antivirus application that attempts to confuse computer users into purchasing it.

Internet Security Suite may enter any computer system by finding system vulnerabilities and employing Trojans for that. This way the infiltration of a program remains completely secret. Once Internet Security Suite enters the system you will notice tons of signs that something is wrong on your system. The most annoying thing is probably when Internet Security Suite doesn’t allow running your legitimate programs. This obviously includes your security tools as well so while Internet Security Suite is running, your system might be completely unprotected.

Moreover, Internet Security Suite causes tons of security notification giving false information about your system’s protection status. Most importantly, the program loads its fake scanner, imitates system check for infections and them reports to detect tons of Trojans, viruses, spyware and other infections on your system. This is all fake as well.

You should delete Internet Security Suite from your computer once you notice it there. You don’t need any fake programs on your system especially if it causes damage to you.

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