FakeVimes presents Windows Pro Solutions


Today another member of FakeVimes has been noticed on the internet. The program comes under the name of Windows Pro Solutions. Just like its predecessors the program only wants to get money from random computer users, so I highly recommend not to purchase it under any circumstances.

Windows Pro Solutions imitates actions of security tool by scanning your system. However, this scan is completely fake and the scan results displayed by the end are falsified. You will see that the program will ask you to pay for its license. But why should you pay for something that you didn’t even download to your system by yourself?

If you receive any pop up messages or security notifications that will lead to promoting Windows Pro Solutions, you can be sure that they are also a part of this malicious project. Do not trust them!

If you have noticed this badware acting on your machine, immediately remove it. The best way to do it is by running a full system scan with a legitimate antispyware tool.


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