Fast Disk


Fast Disk is a rogue system defragmenter that strongly reminds of a legitimate security tool. It’s a clone of previously mentioned Disk OK, HDD OK and other fake system optimization programs. Fast Disk spreads through Trojans and infiltrates without announcing about it to computer user.

As soon as the program infiltrates, it is configured to load with each system reboot. Fast Disk looks like scanning computer though this is only imitated. At the end the program displays a list of supposedly detected errors and offers removing them with a full version of Fast Disk. This version of a program is paid and in reality that’s the way the creators of Fast Disk steal money from computer users. They sell something that doesn’t even exist.

Besides, you will be constantly bothered with tons of fake security notifications and pop up ads. These notifications say more fake information about system errors supposedly detected on your system. Please ignore all of them and remove Fast Disk form your computer as soon as possible. It’s not worth trusting cyber criminals and all they want is to get your money.

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