FBI Online Agent virus is a new FBI virus


FBI Online Agent virus can be definitely called the one, which will replace FBI virus. Just like its previous version, this ransomware acts identically and seeks to rip US users off. However, now it displays a different alert, which has no logo of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and now asks to pay the fine of 200 dollars, not 100 dollars. If you see a warning, which states that your computer has been blocked due to the distribution of pornographic material and copied files, be sure that it”s a computer virus, not FBI. According to its victims, this virus blocks the entire system and doesn”t let its victims get on the Internet and use their files. However, sometimes you need only to reset your computer to the previous time to remove this lock. Some people think that that”s it, but they are wrong – after unblocking the system, you must additionally remove FBI virus and its files from PC.

FBI Online Agent virus is distributed by trojan horse, which enters computers via spam emails, freeware, shareware and similar programs. Once it gets there, it blocks the system and makes its victim look only at its warning. Even rebooting operating system to Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking doesn”t help for the user to reach his files and programs. Please, never pay those $200 in the form of a MoneyPak code! I highly recommend to and forget about this problem. If you are infected with its previous version, here”s a FBI virus removal guide.

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