FBI PayPal virus is a new FBi virus


FBI PayPal virus is a dangerous application, so I highly recommend staying away from it. If you are interested in online security, you should immediately realize that this is a new version of FBI virus, which has been spreading around for a while. So basically you have to follow the same tips when trying to avoid this dangerous ransomware and remove it from the system. Of course, paying the fine won”t unblock your PC as well..

FBI PayPal virus is distributed just like any other malware. When it needs to get inside the PC, it relies on spam or misleading pop-up ads that usually offer to update you something. Besides, freeware and shareware can also be involved into the distribution of this scareware as this virus keeps casino online/a> updating from time to time. As soon online casino as it gets inside, it covers machine”s desktop with a misleading message, which presents itself as a warning from FBI. It reports about various online activities next and asks to pay the fine. Of course, Federal Bureau of Investigation doesn”t use such methods when collecting the fines for their criminals, so you can be sure that you can safely ignore this alert.

Please, do NOT pay the fine via Paypal because you will lose your money and won”t have your PC unblocked. No matter that this is a legitimate payment service, you will lose your money. As soon as dangerous anti-spyware appears on your computer”s desktop, follow this guide and unblock the systm/remove FBI PayPal virus: How to get rid of FBI PayPal virus?

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