Feedback directly to Google engineers


at forums one person with the name- GoogleGuy is representing Google inc. over the years. Lately its hard to get any answer from him, but after the Allegra update and hundreds of unsatisfied members GoogleGuy finally got time to do something good:
GoogleGuy created a Google Group that you can send feedback to:
Before posting feedback to google about its search results you should now the following:
1. anyone can post the feedback;
2. this group will read google engineers directly;
3. there won’t be individual replies;
4. Include a concrete search phrase and the exact url that you think is spam or high-quality content;
5. Add your Name to your letter. GoogleGuy reads the forums and can identify you by your name and understand your problem more deeply.

Please do not spam this group, use it only to send relevant or irrelevant examples of google search results.

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