File Recovery is a fake PC optimisation tool you should not use


Over the past years we’ve seen many scamware applications that tries to mimic the legitimate PC optimisation tools. File Recovery is released to replace the Data Recovery virus, and it definitely shouldn’t be trusted! It might even cause data loss and system slow downs. This program and similar ones are just a FAKE programs and they should NEVER be trusted, and they should be removed as soon as they’re detected.

After File Recovery get’s installed into users PC, it starts displaying annoying reports about various problems on your PC, including disk, RAM, CPU and GPU problems. To fix them, File Recovery will offer its licensed version, which is capable to fix every problem it reports. However, keep in mind that it’s only a scam and this program doesn’t even have the ability to scan the PC, nor fix it, if it really would have problems. Remove File Recovery as soon as you find it on your computer!

However, removal of this programs isn’t that easy. First of all, I recommend using a registration code. Program will think that you bought it, and it will lower the amount of alerts it produces. Here’s the code: 08869246386344953972969146034087. For full instructions on how to remove File Recovery from your PC I recommend you to read my other web page called 2-spyware, by following this link: Remove File Recovery

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