Forget system protection when Windows Security System is inside


Be sure to ignore Windows Security System. Though it sounds like legitimate program trying to help you, in reality that’s a rogue anti-malware program which seeks only to get you out of your money. According to my sources, it has been spreading around for almost a week and managed to infect many users. I highly recommend you to get rid of Windows Security System scam if you have been receiving alerts from it for a while.

Windows Security System is usually distributed with a help of trojans that come together with junkware. I mean all those free videos, games, spam emails and etc. As soon as it gets there, it rapidly changes some system parameters and starts displaying misleading alerts and scanners as soon as you reboot your infected PC. Windows Security System can easily be predetermined to report about tons of viruses detected. Of course, it does that not because for no reason – they are expected to make you think you are dangerously infected. That’s almost truth if you think about Windows Security System.

As you can see, Windows Security System is quite aggressive threat in terms of how it acts and what it seeks. If you want to keep your PC clean from viruses, you should ignore its deceptive alerts and remove Windows Security System. For that, I recommend automated tools, like SpyHunter, that will find all infected files and folders for you. However, if you can’t launch this anti-malware program, enter this fake registration code that will make Windows Security System think you have purchased its license: 9YW1-KI7D-V7GG2. Read more about Windows Security System removal here: Remove Windows Security System.

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