Funmoods. Why people call it a Virus?


Funmoods is a browser toolbar, that acts as a browser hijacker. It is a legitimate program, which expands social networking capabilities by adding emotion icons to your facebook chats and wall posts. However, it shows a lot of advertisements and it redirects web traffic from search engines to various websites. When installed, it changes your search engine, homepage and adds an Extension for IE, Firefox, Chrome.

How to remove Funmoods from my computer?

It might be possible to remove it with Add/Remove programs in Control Panel. Although, if Funmoods does remove in that way, you will need to reset your homepage to what you had, and then also you will need to uninstall the extension from every browser. Search engine can be switched back to Google or Bing too.
Here’s instructions on how to change the homepage from Funmoods to default on your browser:
Google Chrome:
  • Click on Wrench icon (settings)
  • Go to Options
  • Open Basics tab
  • Select your default homepage settings
Mozilla Firefox
  • Click the orange “Firefox” button on the top left
  • Click Options
  • Open Gereral tab
  • Click Restore to Default
Internet Explorer:
  • Go to Tools
  • Click on Internet Options
  • Open Gereral tab
  • Click Restore to default
For more information on Funmoods I published on project: delete funmoods, uninstall guide

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