Get more details about Police virus removal


Police virus is a dangerous ransomware, which seeks the only aim – to get you out of your money. For that, it displays its fake alert and blocks the whole computer in order to prevent its removal. When you are infected with Police virus, you can think the only thing: what else can we expect from the cyber threats” makers? It can easily show victim”s location, computer”s IP address, display local laws, that have been supposedly violated by a user, and even TALK to a victim. When infected with this threat, it may seem that there is no way how you can remove it from the system. However, there are some special options that can easily unblock the system.

Police virus spreads as its predecessors: it can be downloaded after clicking on the fake flash update, downloading fake media codec, opening spam letter and similar. Once it gets there, jameshallison casino it immediately locks the whole system down and makes its victim look only at its fake alert. Typically, Police virus states that computer is blocked because of the distribution of pornographic material, SPAM and copyrighted content, and claims that user must pay the fine for these law violations.

The main thing you must remember is that legitimate organizations have never been blocking computers in order make them pay the fines. So, you must ignore fake warning, which blocks your computer”s desktop, and remove Police virus from it!


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