Ghost Antivirus


Ghost Antivirus is currently one of the most damaging rogue antispyware. It basically invades computers with a help of fake system scanners online and Trojans. Ghost Antivirus is promoted through its websites, for example, and other similar sites. The application promises optimum solution of securing your system. They even suggest downloading free trail version of Ghost Antivirus, but if you do, you actually get badly infected.

Once it gets into your computer, Ghost Antivirus disables Task Manager and in this way takes control of your system. It displays plenty of pop up ads alerting about system infections and the scanners of Ghost Antivirus give falsified scan results. Most importantly, don’t believe of what it states and don’t trust the recommendation to purchase a full version of Ghost Antivirus. If you pay for it, you will only lose your money and get no virus protection.

If you detected this application on your computer the only solution for you is removing Ghost Antivirus. Unfortunately, Ghost Antivirus is not one of those programs that are on Add/Remove Programs list, so you have to get a reputable antispyware to get rid of this infection.

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