Goingonearth.com is a dangerous browser hijacker that has been lately infecting many computer systems. It is known to be very aggressive and once inside, the program causes lots of problems and is very difficult to be removed. Most of the time you will notice this domain while trying to visit some other website as it tends to redirect people without their wish and knowledge. The website looks like a news portal, however, you should leave it as soon as possible as you are very likely to get your system infected while staying there. Goingonearth.com contains tons of viruses that may pose risk to your computer system.

The hijacker enters any computer system using Trojan virus which makes infiltration unnoticeable to computer user. After that your internet sessions will be constantly interrupted by redirects to Goingonearth.com.

You are strongly advised to remove Goingonearth.com browser hijacker as soon as you notice it on your system. You are recommended to use an anti-rootkit tool and then scan your system with a reputable antispyware program for complete removal of this badware.

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