Good Memory


Good Memory is a rogue antispyware program that infiltrates into computers through Trojans and pretends being system defragmenter. The program runs a fake scanner and imitates running system scan. Once it finishes, Good Memory states that your system contains tons of system errors. In order to remove them the program offers purchasing its full version. According to it, this guarantees removing every single file that shouldn’t be on your system.

The truth is that Good Memory wants to swindle away your money by purchasing a program that is completely useless. Moreover, your system will be bombarded with online casino tons of fake security notifications and pop ups. These messages warn about hard drive problems and promote getting a full version of Good Memory too.

There is only one way to stop this malicious activity – removing Good Memory from your system for all the time. You should use a reputable antispyware program and run a full system scan. Never pay for Good Memory as it’s a creation of computer hackers that you should never trust.

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