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Google AdSense is one of the best ways to monetize website. Its one of the most successful programs ever created. Webmasters can get some money for their hard work when creating a website.
But every stick has two ends. Is it really as good as it looks?

Here are my 2 cents from my personal experience:

1. Google AdSense is really a good program, there is no doubt about that. But I got bad articles about me just because I'm AdSense publisher.
And the people who are posting about me BAD things are partially right. I cannot disagree with their point of view. And from the other side I have lack of options to choose to correct this problem.
whats happening? When I'm adding Google AdSense code to the websites I don't know what kind of ads will be published over the time. Google doesn't disclose AdWords buyers and this process is not controlled by webmaster. Lets say that I can check what ads are at the moment and filter them before the launch, but webmaster doesn't know what kind of buyers will emerge after 10 minutes, after 1 hour, after 1 day.. etc. Its impossible to look at all the possible advertisers on site/sites at once. So it can be the way it was with me:
one day i found the article – I'M supporting Spyware, not protecting from it. WOW! That was new to me. The title got my attention and I started to read how I'm supporting adware and spyware. And I found that its easy to get hit like that. Lets say spyware company purchased some Google AdWords and woila they are starting to appearing on my site. lets say I filter them using AdSense filter… Woila another one appeared under different domain and they are appearing again and again and again… SO!!! Yes visitors sees the ads and by clicking on them they are going to the other site where spyware might be installed… So people can treat that I'm supporting it, because when they click on the Ad on MY site, they go to another Site and Get the parasite to their system… The same situation can be in any theme with any webmaster…
How to fight this? I don't know. Individual webmaster cant do anything. Its Google problem, they accept anyone to their programs and sell keywords to anyone. They Do not select advertisers carefully.
Maybe someone know the cure from this?

2. Content… What is content? What is unique content? You don't need to know anything about internet to earn money. There are lots of tools you can use to create the sites. You can take any free CMS and start your own site. And you can use some tools to snip the content from other sites… Lets say you want the site about models. No problem, lets find out the sites about them with the help of some tools, lets take few descriptions from them (its automatic process) and publish the list of model sites with descriptions. Woila!! you have modeling site / resource site. So lets add Google AdSense program and woila again – you are starting to earn money!! The most hurtful is the fact that these sites competes for the same keywords in serps and they win!! The site with no unique handwritten content becomes higher in serps than original sites…
Is this normal? Lets think about the future.. These sites we call scraper sites, so lets start just create these site, content doesn't matter, you just can snip it from anywhere without infringing any copyrights. Lets infest the web with million of these sites. Its so easy. No programing skills, no content writing skills, – nothing. lets just infest the web. Will the internet be interesting place to visit?
This is another Google AdSense problem. They approve almost everybody to their program, anyone can publish the ads. Year ago then there wasno AdSense it was hard to monetize the website because it was very hard to be accepted for the program. Participating sites were carefully reviewed by the editors. Now things changed. IMHO to the worse side.

We can say: First Google made internet Better, then Google made internet worse.

3 Responses to “Google AdSense”

  1. Martin says:

    | First Google made internet Better, then Google made internet worse.

    I absolutely agree with this one but I don’t think it’s only google’s fault.
    IMHO that’s because of the smell of the money they have all felt. At the beginning everyone starts from nothing and the only way to earn recognition – is make quality things at low-cost. Once they’re recognized they forget about the main thing – the QUALITY. Don’t you think? They now have recognition, but now there’s a huge lack of quality in their programs.

  2. Levas says:

    Also, google can delete whole domain from listing without a note with real content and leave trash site. 🙂
    And if you try to find some useful information, you must skip first 10 google suggestions, as they are just top ranked trash site for google AdSense.

  3. Hello after adequate research is senuke the best software? What do you think?