Google Allegra update


Guys at this Recent Google update (02 Feb 2005) named Allegra.
As usual lots of people disappointed with the results, lots of people curses google, threatens that they will use MSN or Yahoo…
This happens with almost every update.. For every disappointed webmaster who lost the positions in serps there is a happy webmaster who gained the positions.
What happened?
I’ll try to tell my personal opinion about this update. First of all if you follow the news, you should know that there was new “rel” attribute created for the links. more info My first guess was that people started to loose the position because of sudden lost of “strong” links from blogs, where “rel” attribute was implemented. But I saw that the sites with no links from blogs are affected too. After some analysis I saw that the affect of Allegra update is the biggest for the sites who gained or lost the positions 6 weeks ago around 16 Dec 2004.

All our sites gained the positions, some remained in the same positions. I cant see the difference in very competitive areas or in not very competitive areas. Our sites got hit on December and now they got back.

Anyway webmasters should know that these who blogged a lot will loose the positions, these who spammed a lot – loose the positions. even if you tried to gather links legitimate way, you can loose the positions if the links and descriptions are massively the same. You should start linking more inner pages than main index page. 100 links to inner pages always were better than 100 links to 1 page.

Only natural linking is treated as normal linking.

It looks like minor algo tweak from google not the huge update.

From now on you can Send the feedback about google search results directly to google engineers.

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