google bourbon update


Another one update from Google.
Allegra was bad to lots of sites, or it seemed like this. Our sites were not affected by Allegra mostly. One of sites was hit on post Allegra update. We thought this update will be recover to us..
We were wrong…
Bourbon update took away the remaining Google traffic from that site. Now it get very few referrers from Google, and still has good positions in MSN and Yahoo.
Other sites are not affected by bourbon yet.

We are not alone who suffered consequences of this update. As We read various forums, we see that lots of old sites were hit again, and the sites which suffered in end of march are suffering now by the same pattern.

Google.. Its not funny anymore. We even cant find ourselves by our unique site name…


Painful to look at the top refferers. Google used to be at 60% (with all other Google tlds at 80%)

Yahoo! Web Sites 59.11%
MSN 14.19%
Google 9.74%
AltaVista 4.17%
Yahoo! Web Sites Canada 3.48%
All the Web 1.25%
Yahoo! Web Sites U.K. 0.83%
Overture 0.83%
Yahoo! Web Sites Singapore 0.83%
MSN Australia 0.70%
Dogpile 0.70% 0.56%
Yahoo! Web Sites France 0.56%

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