Google datacenters


What Is A Google Datacenter?
Google datacenters are the different copies of google database located in various parts of the world.

Datacenters and Updates.
Before Google updates its main index, it makes changes at its various datacenters first. Like this google is testing their new results and implementations. It takes 2-4 days and only after it the main google index is changed.

Why Watch The Datacenters?
If you want to check the changes, to check your credit score can stand in for money, but it is not. see the upcoming update, you need to look over these Ips. If you see changes in backlinks, changes in positioning then you can do some conclusions. You can see what is going on few days before the changes will happen. You are able to predict how your site will rank in the future.

45 google datacenters:

IP”s are changing from time to time.

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