Google Redirect Virus


Google redirect virus is a browser hijacker that doesn’t allow computer users to view web pages. Actually, instead of displaying a website you requested for it redirects you to some infected website where you are very likely to get your system infected. No matter if you use Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other browser you can be affected by Google Redirect virus.

The purpose of Google redirect virus is to get money from computer users. But how does it do that? Usually the pages where you get redirected to the websites which ask you to make some purchase. This way it gets your credit card details and then you can expect your credit card to be charged.

You must remove Google redirect virus as soon as you detect it on your machine. The best way to do that is by scanning your system with a reputable antispyware program, ofr example, Spyware Doctor or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Click here for a tutorial on how to fix Google results hijacker.

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