Google redirects


Google redirects is a problem that has included many PC users who have been infected by TDSS.Rootkit or ZeroAccess Rootkit unnoticeably for them. This rootkit affects computer’s search engine, Google, Yahoo, Bing or other, and prevents users from reaching search results they are trying to reach. When Google becomes hijacked, google search results start simply redirecting people to third party sites that are malicious in most cases. Some of these domains promote other malware, some of them are related with other malicious activity, such as stealing user’s personal information.

So, each time you type in some URL in the address bar of your browser and click Enter, Google redirects you unexpectedly. Most of such web pages do not provide any true information, so avoid and leave such domains immediately. Additionally, stop Google redirects by checking your LAN settings and Windows hosts file and check your router settings as well. Finally, read the guide which should help you fix Google redirects problem.

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