Google sandbox


What is Google sandbox?
Google sandbox is special filter invented by Google in march 2004 with the Florida update. In normal words I call it partial penalty in Google. Your site is not banned, your PR is not dropped to zero, but you are ranking lower than used to be for no other particular reason.

What sites are placed in the sandbox?
Any site can be placed in the sandbox, but usually sites with more competitive keywords are put on probation in the sandbox. They still rank well with less competitive keywords, but for the best keywords they do not rank well while they are in the sandbox. New sites created after March 2004 which tries to compete with high competitive keywords also have big chance to be placed in the Google sandbox.

Why the site can be sandboxed?
It can be sandboxed because of possible spam, possible fraud, detected unnatural linking schemes, spammy techniques, overusal of keywords and other things who are not ethical and not allowed by Google.

How long the sandbox effect lasts?
Usually from 1 to 6 months. The more competitive site is – the longer period it will be in the sandbox.

Is everybody Sure that this “sandbox” exists?
No, not everybody agree. There are people who tells that this is a myth and there is no any secret Google filter. But usually they don’t have normal explanation why some strange things happens to some good websites. The only explanation they give – at the moment you look your site is too weak compared with others that’s why it is ranked low. I can’t agree with that.

What to do while the site is in the sandbox?
Wait. The time is the cure. It is a good time to add more content and more powerful links. You will get boost after the things will clear. It is good time to look at the site with the new eyes, fix mistakes, remove any spammy techniques.

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