Got banned. what to do?


First of all I would like to wish everybody not to get banned at all. But lets say this thing happened. Lets say your site disappeared from Google and toolbar shows grey line. What to do?

First think what you’ve done wrong. The first page you should read is Google guidelines. Some people hire so called “SEO experts”. its very important to know who is legitimate SEO expert. If this “SEO expert” assures you that doorway pages, blog spam, hidden text, cloaked sections will give you a boost in SERPS, get away from him. He is not a SEO expert after all.

Lets say you did one of these mentioned mistakes. Of course you can get a rise for a short time, but you risk to get banned. And the risk is usually bigger than you imagine. You can loose the domain without the possibility to get back.

So what to do?
First acknowledge that this is a problem and try to find what was done wrong. Enter you domain in google index and see if google has it in the index. Take a look at the toolbar assure that it is grey in every page of you site. If your site is banned google will not display your site and the toolbar will be grey.
there are 2 things you can do:
1. change the domain name and carefully check insite coding to see if there are no any tricks that doesn’t meet google guidelines.
2. try to clear up the site. carefully fix all tricks that doesn’t meet google guidelines and write a letter to Google, with full explanations what was done to the site, outlining the removal of the offending elements. The letter should request a complete examination of the site, as well as reinstatement into the search listings. Next step is only to wait: its not worth to add new links, add new content because google might consider not to unblock the site. It that case the only option is to take new domain and start all over again without making mistakes.

Under no circumstances should a website owner fall for the offers of various SEO firms claiming any sort of special relationship with Google. There is NO such relationships exist between any firms and Google.

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