Great Antispy 2012: new threat in the wild


Some days ago I became familiar with Great Antispy 2012. While it seems that its creators are still looking for the best way that can be used for spreading their rogue, there are some users that claim that they have already been infected by this threat. According to them, it acts like a classic rogue anti-spyware and typically reports about invented cyber threats in order to rip its victims off. If you have also been infected by Great Antispy 2012, be sure to ignore its alerts and scanners running each time you run Windows. It looks and acts like a typical malware and should be removed from the system immediately!

Like almost every other cyber infection, Great Antispy 2012 is spread with a help of trojans. They help it to start its misleading campaign once they get inside the system by making some registry modifications. I can sure you that as soon as you reboot your computer, you will receive tons of misleading alerts and scanners claiming that you are infected. Besides, it has also been found to initiate browser redirections to possibly affected websites.

If you know what I am talking about, remove Great Antispy 2012 without any delay. Otherwise, you may find more malware threats on your computer and suffer from continuous pop-ups, alerts and notifications. You can find Great AntiSpy 2012 removal guide here.

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