GreatDefender is a fake application created to threaten computer users and take away their money. It is distributed through Trojans that usually come from infected websites, downloading videos or updating flash player. As soon as GreatDefender enters your computer it starts scanning your PC. It also creates fake malware files and finds them as infections which actually are absolutely harmless. However it tricks you and you might think that … READ MORENew York City nightclub 1 OAK has played host to Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, justin bieber tour and countless other celebs. your computer is in danger.

The Trojan also displays a fake Windows Security Center and fake security alerts that suggests you to buy GreatDefender in order to protect your PC. Just like the scan results, this should be ignored. GreatDefender is only created to trick you and make you buy so called “full” version of the software.

Don’t believe in any of such notifications. If you have already installed it, please remove GreatDefender application, as soon as possible.

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